Pressure Drops

Autodesk® Revit® plugin which enables ductwork pressure drop calculation

Pressure Drops is a plugin application for Autodesk® Revit® developed by ARAKNCE CZ that allows MEP designers to automate calculation of pressure drop of ductwork in a Revit® model. The application allows users to calculate pressure loss without using Revit's default ASHRAE tables, which are not applicable in many countries. Moreover, the application allows users to assign loss coefficient to all fittings. With Pressure Drops, the user can take full advantage of the Revit model and is not forced to calculate pressure drops in external tools.

With the quick calculation of pressure drop, HVAC designers can accurately design HVAC ductwork, including fast recalculation of pressure drop after duct system modifications. Calculating critical path pressure drop is very straightforward with this application.

When comparing pressure drop calculation using Excel table or Pressure Drops plugin, internal testing has shown up to a 50% time savings on an MEP Revit® model of an industrial hall project, where the critical path consisted of 70 elements.

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