Parameters Setup

Individual classification codes of the CCI system are written into the parameters. Each facet is written to a selected parameter, for a total of five parameters. If new parameters are created, a shared parameter file must be defined. This is a standard text file with the definition of shared parameters.

  • To enable writing to selected parameter, checkbox must be checked

  • Use exiting allows writing classes to an existing parameter

  • Create new enables creating a new parameter, which is selected from the shared parameter file

  • For a new parameter, you must specify the parameter group

  • For a new parameter, you must specify whether it is a type or instance parameter

  • Each parameter automatically lists the node identifier in angle brackets, according to the facet. The user has the option of separating the code and description by prefixes, suffixes, and separators according.

The Construction Entities and Built Spaces facets cannot be written to type parameters.

The separator is only displayed if a prefix or suffix is also set.

The application uses only the parameter name for writing and checking parameters. The GUID of the parameter is not taken into account.

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