Trial Version Activation

Class Feeder uses Be.Smart licensor for application activation.

Users with existing Be.Smart account

Users with existing Be.Smart account can activate the trial simply by logging in to their Be.Smart account in Be.Smart licensing dialogue. If user is already logged in to another Be.Smart licensed application, the login is automatic without any user action needed. The trial is automatically started after launching any tool from the application ribbon in Revit® environment.

Users without existing Be.Smart account

After the first start of Revit® or after any of the buttons of Class Feeder are clicked, Be.Smart licensing dialogue is opened. To start the trial period select Web Licence and than Start Trial Version. Input user email address in the next dialogue and confirm it with Create an account to get a trial version button.

Password for a new Be.Smart account is sent to the previously entered email address. Click Connect to return back to login dialogue, enter email and new password and than confirm with Connect button again. Trial expiration date is displayed. To close the Be.Smart licensing dialogue, select Quit.

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